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- Czech Greenways I
- Czech Greenways II
- Czech Amber Trail
- Moravian Trail
- Czech Gothic Trail
- Sumava Trail
- Czech Elbe River Trail
- Moravia to Bohemia
- Romantic Slovakia
- From Danube to Tatra
- Danube Trail
- Greenways
- Salzburg - Prague Trail
- Amber Trail I
- Elbe River Trail
- Amber Trail II
- Danube Trail I
- Danube Trail II
- Stately Old Europe

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- Greenways
- Czech Highlands
- Danube Trail

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Central Europe bicycle tours - our 48-page, full-color brochure

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- Czech Republic
- Slovakia
- Hungary
- Poland
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Central Europe Cycling VacationsCentral Europe bicycle
tours are a great choice!

We specialize in Central Europe
cycling tours.
We offer biking trips in
the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary,
Poland, Austria and Germany:
- Czech Republic bicycle tours
- Bicycle tours in Slovakia
- Bicycle tours in Central Europe
- Tandem bicycle tours
- Family vacations by bike
- NEW Road Bikes Tours

Joys of bicycling in Czech Republic, San Francisco Chronicle

"We had biked 10 centuries in about as many miles, from a medieval stone tower in a maze of narrow village streets to an isolated ridge with a barbed wire remnant of the Iron Curtain.The sun was hot..." more

We offer two types of cycling vacation:
1.Guided bicycle tour – the traditional
tour, offering the most comfort in terms of
organization, and excellent guides for the route.

2.Self-guided bicycle tour – offers much
greater flexibility. You don‘t have to compete
with anybody, or try to catch up when some
point of interest lures you to spend more time
there. Everything else, though, is prearranged
so that you can properly enjoy your flexibility.

More about Central Europe Bicycle Tours:
is a brand name of Greenways
Travel Club, which has arranged active vacations and special interest tours along the Vienna-Prague Greenways since 1996. Our main programs are Central Europe bicycle tours for small guided groups and individuals. We offer cycling vacations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Austria. We specialize in self-guided bicycle tours in Central Europe with comprehensive navigation and details of local services - we live here after all!

Topbicycle is different:
We concentrate exclusively on Central and Eastern Europe.
We don’t offer other
destinations. We simply organize tours in the place we know best - where we live. We have been developing our tours, based on a detailed local knowledge of our region, since 1996.

Our carefully planned self-guided tours are ideal for individual cyclists. Navigate with
ease using English route descriptions, detailed maps and precise GPS satellite navigation.
Efficient stand-by support via cellphone, selected accommodation, smooth luggage transfer, and Trek or Scott bikes complete the package. Choose the most convenient time for your cycling trip and we will arrange it for you.

Our bikes, the world-renowed Trek and Scott models, come in all sizes in both men's and women's frames. The combination of the two brands makes for broader spectrum of frame sizes, and provides a more exact fit on your ride. We take good care of our bikes because we believe a quality bike is the cornerstone of a quality ride.

Our strategy is to use only, local guides on our guided tours. This means, people who know a lot about their country, and have lived through the incredible changes that Central and Eastern European countries have faced over the years.

We listen to your feedback. We improve our tours based on people’s suggestions and
recommendations. The feedback and experience gathered since 1996 is reflected in our

A lot of our guests are from North America and Australia and it is our pleasure to
provide for this level of service and expectation.

Read more about us from people who toured with us and used our services

More about bicycle tours in Central Europe:
All our bicycle tours in Central Europe (we Czechs much prefer using the term Central
Europe rather than Eastern Europe - probably the legacy of communism) begin and end
in major cities or capitals that are great destinations in and of themselves.
This system makes it easier to begin the trail, and allow you to combine your bicycle tour
with a stay in the city at the beginning or the end. For more accomplished bikers the
routes can be combined into a challenging super-tour going through five major cities of
Central Europe (Dresden - Prague - Vienna - Budapest - Cracow).

Six reasons to cycle in Central and Eastern Europe:
Excellent network of paved backroads. These roads with little traffic connect
picturesque towns and villages with historical monuments to make a cycling paradise.

Beautiful medieval castles and chateaux. The surprising density of palaces and royal
residences is perfect for lovers of history and Old Europe.

Variety of landscape. It is refreshing to see the countryside change while cycling - from deep forests, through lake and wetlands to highlands, river valleys and wine country.

Easy access to Central Europe. All our bicycle tours begin and end in major cities or
capitals. There are international airports in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava.

Quality accommodation and sophisticated services. Since the fall of Communism in
1989, the level of service has greatly improved to satisfy even the discerning traveler.

Compact "human" dimensions are well suited for cycling and walking tours.
Easily cover the distances between towns, and get to know the towns, villages, and countryside of Central Europe up close.

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