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Cycling Romantic SlovakiaItinerary

8 - day itinerary for Cycling Trail
Bratislava - Banska Stiavnica

Length: 281 km / 175 miles

Day 1)

Arrival Bratislava, sightseeing tour in the capital of the Slovakia includes the Castle, St.
Martin’s Cathedral, Coronations, The Old Town Hall, The Primate’s Palace, Grassalkovich
Overnight in Bratislava.

Day 2)
Bratislava - Trnava (48 km / 30 miles)

The first day on the cycling route is fairly easy in terms of elevation and leads straight to
the town of Trnava, the oldest royal town in Slovakia. Its past wealth is reflected in its
fortifications and rich assortment of monuments – 8 churches, 2 synagogues and many old town houses. A superb view can be seen from the town tower, used as a watch tower before the Turkish invasion.
Overnight in Trnava.

Day 3)
Trnava – Piestany (48 km / 30 miles)

Today’s route begins on level terrain which turns into rolling hillsides around the most
famous Slovakian spa town of Piestany. The quiet spa resort town of Piestany was founded in 1889 in the picturesque valley of the river Vah. The spa is renowned for successful treatment of arthritis. Many treatment methods are based on the extraordinary therapeutic effects of the thermal springs and curative mud. Piestany offers beautiful parks, sport facilities, a summer music festival, year-round live entertainment and shopping.
Overnight in Piestany.

Day 4)
Piestany – Trencin (47 km / 29 miles)

Today you will be going to Beckov with its towering castle ruin of the same name a from
here along the river Vah to Trencin. The majestic castle above the city creates natural
picturesque scenery.
Overnight in Trencin.

Day 5)
Trencin – Bojnice (51 km / 32 miles)

After 20 minutes car transfer from Trencin to the beginning of the route start cycling up highest hill of the tour. However the terrain after this is easier with just one hill before arriving at the town of Bojnice. Bojnice has what is probably one of the most romantic chateau in Central Europe.
Overnight in Bojnice.

Day 6)
Bojnice – Kremnica (43 km / 27 miles)

This stage of the trail brings you from Bojnice to the spa town of Turcianske Teplice, from where you will be transfered by car to the town Kremnica, a mining town in the
Middle Ages. The gold and silver production is presented in a local museum. The sloping
regular square with the Holy Trinity Plaque Column affords a nice view of the imposing
castle. The view from the castle is really impressive. History lovers may visit several
attractive museums, they will go to the Franciscan church to admire its interior.
Overnight in Kremnica.

Day 7)
Kremnica – Banska Stiavnica (44 km/ 27 km)

On the last day there is no rest for the cyclist in you with two more demanding ascents –
one just after Kremnica and the other just before Banska Stiavnica. The reward is Banska
Stiavnica, one of the most valuable historical towns in Slovakia. The visit to the Middle
Age silver mine is a very interesting indeed. Its history, atmosphere and situation earned
Banska Stiavnica a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.
Overnight in Banska Stiavnica.

Day 8)
Banska Stiavnica

Sightseeing tour of Banska Stiavnica, with a possible visit of the spa of Sklene Teplice with a bath in thermal cave.

Note: The most demanding day in terms of ascents and uphill cycling (day 6) can be cut
out with a car transfer, with an additional day spent in Banska Stiavnica:

Day 6)
Bojnice – Kremnica - Banska Stiavnica

Transfer from Bojnice to Kremnica by car, then cycling from Kremnica to Banska Stiavnica.
Overnight in Banska Stiavnica.

Day 7)
Banska Stiavnica

Sightseeing Banska Stiavnica.
Overnight in Banska Stiavnica.

Day 8)


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