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The Central European continental climate
consists of long, hot summers and cold,
snowy winters. The best time for cycling
tours is between April and October.
In the summer months it can get quite hot.
Bear in mind that it will be cooler on the
mountain tours at this time. May June and
September are generally good months to
take advantage of the cooler, but still warm


It must be noted that, according to the
tourism calendar, the first two weeks in
August are when most people go for their
holidays. Generally July and August are the
busiest months. We mention this with regard
to seeing cultural monuments and UNESCO
protected areas with greater ease and with less people around.

Dates 2019:

Self-guided tours:
Every day from April
to the end of October
Guided tours:
June 13-22
August 15-24
  Send us an email for custom guided tours in different dates.

Cultural Events

You might wish to adjust the times of your tour to coincide with
the following festivals and cultural events:


Vienna Spring Festival (March - October 2017)

International Youth and Music Festivals (7 - 12 July 2017)

The Vienna Festival (May- June 2017) - Renowned for its superb international theatrical performances, also invites musical ensembles and opera companies from all over the world, in addition to staging many Austrian musical productions.

Genussfestival (12-14 May, 2017)

World Choral Festival (25 - 30 July, 2017)

Vienna Popfest (27 - 30 July 2017)

Jazz-Fest Wien (9 June - 10 July 2017)


Mikulov Wine Fare (20 May 2017) - prestigious wine tasting event, rich cultural programme,Czech championship in filling the wine pipette from the barrel

The Town of Mikulov Festival (29 - 21 May 2017) - scenes from the traditional life in Mikulov, opening of sights to the public with complementary events, performances of local ensembles and schools, wine tasting, gastronomic specialities

The International Guitar Festival (9 - 15 July 2017) - Festival with master-classes of interpretation and concerts by world-class guitarists.

The Festival of the Nations from the Podyji (21 - 23 July, 2017) - presentation of the original cultural and culinary specialties of the nations living in the Podyji region (In Czech only)

Festival Of The Three Neighbors (18 - 19 August 2017) - Meeting of folklore ensembles.

Mikulov Beer Festival (12 August 2017) - tasting of different beer brands, attractive cultural programmes (only in Czech)

Eurotrialog Mikulov (25 - 27 August 2017) - Central-European Music Festival with pop,
rock, alternative and ethnic music

Kampanila (1 - 3 September 2017) - International Choir Festival.

Pilgrimage to Holy Hill (3 September 2017) - Traditional pilgrimage to the Black Loretan Madonna on Holy Hill in Mikulov.

Palava Wine Harvest Festival (8 - 10 September 2017)-a grand event with a historical fair and wine market, historical and folk costume parades, wine tasting, a program of events for all ages and local culinary specialties. (in Czech)

Days of Jewish Culture (22 - 24 September 2017)


Easter Festival of Sacred Music (9 - 23.4.2017)-international music festival. Six concerts at Easter time devoted solely to sacred music.

Jazzfest Brno (April, May and September 2017)

Brno - City in the Center of Europe (May-June 2017) - Festival of fun under Spilberk and Veveri Castles in Brno. Includes: International fireworks competition IGNIS BRUNENSIS (26 May- 25 June 2017); MUSEUM NIGHT (20 May 2017) presentation of Brno Museums and galleries. CHURCH NIGHT (9 June 2017)

Concentus Moraviae (3-29 June 2017) This international music festival offers the opportunity to travel around the various châteaux and churches of South Moravia and the Highlands listening to music. The programme is subtitled “Shakespeare, Beethoven and the Czech Quartet Tradition”, and includes about thirty concert

Summer at The Old City Hall (June-September 2017) The Old City Hall comes alive with culture in the summer. Its rich and colourful programme consisting of concerts, theatre, a literary programme, (video) art and open-air cinema takes place outdoors in its courtyard

International Guitar Festival (August 2017) 25th Annual International Guitar Festival which is considered to be one of the most important festivals of its genre in Central Europe

The International Music Festival Spilberk (13-27 August 2017) - Music Festival in the grounds of Spilberk castle in Brno.

Janaček Brno (October, 2017) - International Music and Theatre Festival – 5th prestigious biennale dedicated to Leoš Janáček


Dvorak's Olomouc (5-12 May,2017) - International classic music festival. A tribute to one of the most famous Czech composers, Antonin Dvorak, of New World Symphony fame

Beerfest Olomouc (25 - 27 May, 2017)

Olomouc Summer of Culture (June-September 2017) - Series of open air shows, concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings, theatre performances in the historical city center.

Autumn Festival of Sacred Music (September-October 2017) - First class concerts and performances of sacred music in Olomouc churches.

International Organ Festival (4 - 18 September 2017) - Organ performances.


Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival (1 - 14 April 2017) - Dozens of famous performers and ensembles play the music of this great composer as well as other famous composers of the time.

Krakow International Film Festival (28 May -4 June 2017)

City of Krakow Festival incorporating many smaller festivals is a huge musical, theatrical, exhibition, historical event that takes place throughout Krakow and the surrounding area.

Jewish Culture Festival (24 June - 2 July, 2017)The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is one of the most important and largest events of its kind in the world. The First Festival took place in 1988 and its program focused on a scholarly conference on the encounter betweentwo cultures, Jewish and Polish. It was a modest occasion but it turned out to have enormous significance, considering the boldness of the subject matter, upon which the communist authorities of the day looked askance.

List of festivals:

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