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Best time to go

Yellow fieldThe best time for cycling in Central
Europe, is from the beginning of April
to the end of October.

We have set dates for our guided bicycle
tours, however if your group consists of 4 or
more people then you can do a guided tour in a date of your choice.
You can do a self-guided bicycle tour at any
time between April and October.


The Central European continental climate consists of long, hot summers and cold, snowy

  • July and August are perfect for people who love hot weather. On the Sumava
    mountain tour and in the mountains between Budapest and Cracow it will be
  • May, June and September are good months to take advantage of the cooler, but
    still warm and sunny weather.
  • April and October are wonderfully changeable and can be chilly. These times are
    good for people wanting to experience the changing of the seasons as they cycle.

We cannot guarantee the weatherlet us know who can?

Crowds and People

Cities on the routes (Prague, Dresden, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna) will be busy all year
round. Most people go for their holidays in the first two weeks of August. Bear this in mind
if you want to see cultural monuments and UNESCO protected areas with greater ease.

Cultural Events

On guided bicycle tours there is usually a festival or other event happening in a certain
town along the route. Many of these events are very popular so we recommend booking
far in advance.
During September, many towns and villages in the winegrowing regions of Central Europe
have wine harvest celebrations. Local people dress up in traditional folk costumes and
there is a lot of singing and dancing washed down with copious amounts of wine.

Planning your trip

Searchable, Central European, public transport databases on the internet.
Look for train and bus connections - (external links open in new windows).
Czech Republic

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