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References"Yes we do have a fairly serious
now that we've been on this
tour, everything else will be second rate!"
Lynneth L.

"The scenery was fantastic and the routes
were exciting to travel - you have done a
good job of planning exciting and
stimulating routes.
We did try to use the
GPS once, but didn't have much success.
The maps were much more useful. We found
that, if we checked the maps the night
before, we had very little trouble navigating
the next day."
Judith A.

In 2011 Todd Pitock went self-guided on our Greenways Vienna-Prague bike route, and wrote about his experiences for the Wall Street Journal.

John and Marilyn W.
cycled the Danube from Passau to Vienna in 2010. They posted their
daily trips on EveryTrail (view the rest of the days - click on trips in the page center).

Ilana B.
did a guided tour from Vienna to Prague in 2010. Read her newspaper article about
her Czech Greenways cycling trip. Also check her blog about her Czech bike trip.

Hugh M. and family
did a self-guided tour from Passau to Vienna in 2009.
Read his trip report on the Crazyguyonabike website.

Brian P.
did a self-guided Vienna-Prague Greenways bicycle tour in 2008.
Read his article in Going Places Magazine.

Hugh M. and family
did a self-guided tour from Vienna to Prague in 2008.
Read his trip report on the Crazyguyonabike website.

Hugh M. and family did a self-guided tour from Vienna to Budapest in 2007.
Read his trip report on the Crazyguyonabike website.

Lisa and Donna
did a self-guided tour from Salzburg to Prague in 2007.
Read Lisa's article in Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine (External link)

Ann and Jeff did a group tour with us on the Vienna-Prague Greenways in 2007.
See their website with photos (External link)

Susan S. did a self-guided cycling tour with us in 2007 on the Vienna-Prague Greenways.
Read her article in the Albuquerque journal Boomer magazine (External link).

Ken K. cycled self-guided from Vienna to Krakow in 2006.
View the photos he took at his online photo gallery. (External link).

Andy S. did a self-guided, Vienna-Prague Greenways Multisport tour with us in 2005.
Read his article for the Vail Daily newspaper, Colorado, U.S.A. (External link).

Margaret D. did a guided cycling tour with us in 2004 on the Vienna-Prague Greenways.
See her website about her experiences - photos only. (External link)

Len did not do a tour with us, but he has produced a film about his cycling trip on the
Vienna-Prague Greenways in June 2005.
Watch his short film. (WMV file. Size: 4,9 MB. Film length: 2 minutes 12 seconds).

Derek H. did not tour with us but he went on a promotional Greenways bike ride in 2009
with Nadace Partnerstvi, the non-profit Greenways program. Watch his YouTube video.

"Thanks especially for mapping out fabulous backroads, historic gems, glorious
countrysides and romantic riverways. It surpassed our imaginations!
The bikes performed very well!"

Jennifer L.

"It was the first bike tour for both Verena, and I, and we both had such a great holiday,
and really appreciate all the planning that must go into such a week. I loved having the
personalized maps, itinerary, and information pack, and the hotel bookings and luggage
transfer appeared completely trouble free. To arrive in Tabor the night of the start of the
festival was very exciting."
Penelope F.

"We have many stories—the farmer in his tractor just outside of Estabrun in Austria who
pulled over and offered us a room; ordering lunch at the Restaurant Sokolna and having the
owner of the restaurant put his friend on the phone who greeted us with a hearty
"Welcome to the Czech Republic" and invited us to his summer place; conferring with the
townspeople in a beer hall about whether the turn in the directions was really the turn to
Orek for 45 minutes (they could only speak Czech, we could only speak English so it was an
interesting conference); mistakenly walking into the town hall in Cieszyn and being greeted
by the Burgermeister then getting a tour of the town hall and inner chambers; having a
gentleman share a meal on his plate with me and it being so delicious I ordered a plate
myself then searched throughout Poland again to find the dish. The sights, the smells, the
taste of the food, the friendliness of the people will stay with us for the rest of our lives."
Sherry P.

"We just returned from a bike trip in Moravia and the Southern Czech Republic. It was
excellent, thoroughly enjoyable and just right in terms of physical challenge. Arrangements
were perfect and the tour kit was so thorough that we had no call to seek help."
Gopi A.

"I was most impressed with the service that you provided. At every opportunity you
exceeded our expectations. Our special requests, a customized trip with double daily
distance...and so many other issues were all dealt with courtesy and efficiency and
always with a smile and a great attitude. I think that you could give a number of well
run American companies a lesson in customer service."

Tom S.

"Your tour gave us the best service we have ever had."
Andy A.

"The bikes worked out well and I'm very happy now to have reserved that tandem
with you in August, as I ended up powering my mother along for the better part of the
week, so that she could enjoy the scenery. At age 75, I reckon she's earned the right to
have her son do more of the work."
John T.

"The four of us on our bicycle trip through the Czech Republic in late August have to a
person voted Lada our best guide ever. He not only is a skilled guide, an excellent
communicator and a very good historian but a truly nice person. He was able to take us on
a very short detour to visit his home and family which was an unique treat."
Joe H.

"Our guide, Petr Antonin, was fantastic. He worked so hard to make the trip a great
experience for all of us. He's an enthusiastic cyclist who obviously enjoys meeting people
and showing them the beauty and history of the Czech Republic."
Bob M.

"My wife and I bicycled the Amber Trail from Budapest to Cracow through the low Tatra
mountains of Slovakia. We experienced beautiful scenery while biking up narrow
forest valleys to mountain plateaus with splendid vistas
, some challenging long
ascents following by exciting downhill rolls, pleasant overnight stays at small inns in
historic mining towns, and interesting encounters with the local people,. At each end,
there were the fascinating cities of Budapest and Cracow. It was one of our greatest
bicycle trips."
Oliver and Meredith S.

"Everything worked out extremely well, the GPS and cue sheets got us exactly where we
were to go each day with barely a false step, the hotels were fantastic and exceeded our
expectations, and even the weather cooperated - just a light rain one day for an hour. The
towns were all interesting and the routes you selected were great for biking. No hiccups
with the baggage transfer, or anything else. You guys are organized!"
Randy and Rosanne S.
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